1.76 Changelog

Made blockstate files compatible with 1.13:

  • Disabled random block rotation for bedrock, dirt, grass, red_sand, sand and stone
  • Fixed randomised bookshelves
  • Fixed rail blockstate files (Use only one file for each slope instead of two)

Made optifine files compatible with 1.13:

  • Font now loads correctly (when optifine is installed)
  • All connecting glass textures fixed
  • Fixed sandstone connecting textures
  • Fixed chiseled stone brick connecting textures


  • Updated copyright file to include working link for HD font created by d3fin3d.

Firewolf is now fully working in 1.13!

Comment Section:

  1. Looking good as always, any plans on include modded blocks and items? I know that’s a big ask but I’m hoping it’s something to consider.

    1. Unfortunately I have a lot of university work so I don’t think I will be creating any new textures soon. I also have other projects to work on that have a much higher priority.

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