1.74 Changelog

Improved Textures:
– dirt: better texture.
– gravel: smoother.
– ores: better lighting.
– iron door and trapdoor: made lighter to match new iron block.

HD font:
– Added d3fin3d’s HD font, you will only see it if you have Optifine installed.

1.74 Changelog
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Comment Section:

  1. Hey keitsu I would like to make a modification to the hotbar that would be beneficial to the pack for you. I don’t want anything for it but I think it would be a welcome change. If you would like to work together on this then you can find me here https://discord.gg/evua7kn Most of the time.

    1. Hi ActiveBomb. What do you want to change in the hotbar? I don’t have discord. Do you have telegram or skype? I don’t have time to work on my pack right now, perhaps we can work on this in around 3 weeks time. Thanks for your offer to help, it is greatly appreciated ^^

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