University Exams and Summer Break

Hi All,

Lately I have been caught up in my university work, and the end of semester exams are coming up. During summer break I will be taking one summer school subject and working to try to save up some money. If I have enough free time I will do some more work on Firewolf.

A few of you have let my know that you want mob and armour textures done. I tried creating an armour texture but could not create anything I was satisfied with. So I will leave armour textures for now. As for mob textures, I will attempt to do a few of them after I do some other textures that I want to do.

Unfortunately creating textures takes many hours and many attempts. Sometimes I am unable to create a suitable texture which is very frustrating. To avoid creative burnout I must work on whatever I am inspired to do before re-attempting something that I am having difficulty with.

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  1. I’d be happy to volunteer my time to help ya one some textures. I can see where you are wanting to go with it and I think I can help you move forward a little faster and stay up to date! If anything I would appreciate a response.

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