Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will You Support a Mod That I Like?

Vanilla textures still need to be finished and are priority. Once vanilla textures are finished I will look into supporting a few popular mods.

When Will Vanilla Textures Be Completed?

Creating a resource pack takes a very long time as Minecraft has hundreds of blocks with some having multiple textures. Additionally things such as animations, menus and item and block textures need to be created. As there is a huge workload there is no set date for completion but there will be regular updates which will add new textures and improve existing ones.

Can I Use Your Textures in My Pack?

You may use a few textures from my pack in your own so long as you give me appropriate credit and have my permission. Please send me a message to let me know which textures you want to use. If your texture pack is for your own personal use; which you will not distribute, publish or monetize; feel free to use any of my textures.

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