Notice: This project is discontinued.

Versions compatible with Minecraft 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12:
[1.12] Firewolf v1.74 – Published November 14, 2017 (Changelog)
[1.12] Firewolf v1.73 – Published October 22, 2017 (Changelog)
[1.12] Firewolf v1.72 – Published August 28, 2017 (Changelog)
[1.12] Firewolf v1.71 – Published August 5, 2017 (Changelog)

1.8 Compatibility Patch:
[1.8] Firewolf 1.8 Patch v1.0 – Published October 29, 2017 (See Details)

Source Files (Photoshop and GIMP):
Firewolf Source Files – Published December 17, 2017

Total downloads: 534207

Creative Commons License
Firewolf by Keistu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

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Comment Section:

  1. i downloaded the zip file and putted it in the ressourcepaks floder but it didn’t work how can i solve that
    and i downloaded the v-1.73
    plz give solution

    1. Open the .zip folder and copy the file “How To Install.txt” to your desktop. Now open that .txt file from your desktop and follow the steps listed. I just tested it with Minecraft version 1.12.2 and it worked fine.

  2. this is a great resource pack but it really bugs me that when people make hd packs, the leaves don’t look as high quality as the other textures, if you could fix that it would be great. Also the mobs and tall grass should be textured too, and if it’s possible please retexture the fire, mushroom blocks and creative tabs.

    1. Hi Elijah, Thanks for the suggestions! I like the current look of the leaves. How could I improve them? Tall grass is on my priority list and fire will be a little later. Mobs textures will be done once more block textures have been made and mushroom blocks will be re-textured.

      How would you like the creative tabs to be improved?

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