Firewolf is Now Compatible with Minecraft 1.13

Hi everyone,

I managed to update Firewolf so that it is able to be used with Minecraft 1.13. Mojang changed a lot of directory and file names so without this update 3D models were appearing as broken textures in the game. I would like to personally thank Mojang for implementing such great backwards compatibility (absolutely no hint of sarcasm).

Currently, connected textures and the randomised bookshelf textures are not working with OptiFine. Please reach out to me if you know what the issue is.

I think I know why connecting and randomised textures are not working. According to the 1.13 update changelog for OptiFine they have changed the folder structure. I will try to fix the textures soon and will push an update.

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Comment Section:

  1. Will you ever start a new Resource pack or continue firewolf? I was looking for someone to help me with one in particular.

    1. Hi Christian,

      I’m currently too busy with other projects but there is a possibility that I might create some new textures for Firewolf. If you want to use any of Firewolf’s textures for your own resource pack you can so long as you follow the terms of the license which is located in the footer of this website.

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