1.76 Changelog

Made blockstate files compatible with 1.13: Disabled random block rotation for bedrock, dirt, grass, red_sand, sand and stone Fixed randomised bookshelves Fixed rail blockstate files (Use only one file for each slope instead of two) Made optifine files compatible with 1.13: Font now loads correctly (when optifine is installed) All connecting glass textures fixed Fixed […]

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1.75 Changelog

Fixed all 3D models to work with Minecraft 1.13 (This took a whole day) Converted some folder and file names to 1.13 naming schema using ResourcePackPorter by JohnTheSecond Notes:Connecting and randomised textures do not work with OptiFine. I am not sure why this is. So connecting glass and randomised bookshelves do not work currently.

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Smooth Blocks

1.72 Changelog

Remade Textures: – andesite, diorite and granite textures – bedrock – diamond, emerald, gold, lapis, redstone and quartz blocks (quartz pillar and chiseled block left unchanged) – sandstone and red sandstone textures – snow Removed terracotta textures Screenshots Without Shaders:

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